“I can’t recall when I discovered Amy Komar. But for years now I have read her blog almost on a daily basis. I enjoy her down to earth, loving, compassionate point of view. I am also an avid collector and gift giver of her artwork.

My life is very different from hers but we are connected nonetheless. Our connections of art, love of good food, photography, music and living life through experiences and relationships, tie into my belief of the “red string of fate.” More evidence of this and of Amy living her life with love and empathy is her recent “love gift” (giveaway) on her website. It was a beautiful hand painted stone framed in a fabulous handmade box by her husband, Matt. The red string of fate comes into play with the timing. My mother had just passed away and I was reading the blogs that I frequent when I saw Amy was giving away her love gift. I entered and won! When I received her package there was a note from Amy that she had asked for guidance in picking a name from the bowl, someone who needed this gift the most.

She’ll never know the half of how it lifted my spirits and gave me comfort that day!!!

So when you buy her artwork and support her it just binds and connects us all!  I can’t say enough about her beautiful artwork.  It is meticulously crafted and exudes the word art. Everything I have bought from her brings with it joy and an essence of peace and balance. Everyone that I have given a piece of her artwork to feels those intentions!”

-Tawnya, Colorado


Amy Komar Testimonial pic_Shanna

“When I stumbled upon Amy’s shop I felt an immense connection and appreciation for her work. I immediately made my first of many purchases. Amy’s simple yet complex designs are entrancing. Her personal touches to everything from her hand written note to the packaging make you feel so special. Her work is ever evolving, and flowing from such a tender and old soul. Amy is the real deal both artistically and spiritually. She is connected to her work, and in this day and age feeling a heartfelt connection can mean so much. I will be buying from Amy for the rest of my life. My most recent purchase included one of a kind “story” stones for each of my sons. Based on our convos (which by the way are always wonderful and Amy is a pleasure to work with on customs) she is creating a special stone that represents each of my children. On Christmas morning this year the most important gift they will get is an Amy Komar original. I would trust no other to encompass my love for my boys through art. It is a pleasure and an honor to own Amy’s work.”

-Shanna, Florida


Kelly Testimonial Pic

“Whenever holding one of Amy’s painted pieces, be they stone or wood, I feel the clear intention, the meditative process and the sacred respect she brings to life radiating through her artwork.  This is a woman who hears the holy in the everyday!”

-Kelly, Washington


Janee Testimonial Pic

“I absolutely love the driftwood piece I bought from Amy. I bought it shortly after my husband and I’s one-year wedding anniversary. We had collected some driftwood on the beach {that later got ruined} and taken a photo of us that was the same colors as Amy’s painted driftwood. I couldn’t believe how perfect it was when I saw it in her shop. Now it sits in a special place where we see it every day. It’s so beautifully done, Amy’s designs and artistry are breathtaking.”

-Janee, Massachusetts