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Best known for her colorful patterns of painted acrylic beadwork on a variety of surfaces, Amy Komar is a professional artist living in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, she earned a BA in Studio Art from the University of Texas Austin in 2001. Her work today demonstrates an ongoing visual dialog with her early works – abstract pieces on paper – which were imagined landscapes. Atmospheric in appearance, they exhibited thin washes of iridescent paint, sensitive layering and intentional mark making.

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Alaska House Art Gallery | 1003 Cushman | Fairbanks, Alaska  

Venue | 514 2nd AVENUE | Fairbanks, Alaska

Georgia Blue Gallery | 3555 Arctic Blvd | Anchorage, Alaska

Dos Manos | 1317 W Northern Lights Blvd. | Anchorage, Alaska

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kind words

“I think what I like so much about her work is that she manages to elevate commonplace items to something contemplative, joyful and worth looking at. Her objects are usually utilitarian, but her repetitive mark making and mandala-like arrangements remind me that there is beauty in the every-day,”

- Madara, Alaska

“Whenever holding one of Amy’s painted pieces, be they stone or wood, I feel the clear intention, the meditative process and the sacred respect she brings to life radiating through her artwork.  This is a woman who hears the holy in the everyday!”

-Kelly, Washington

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  • “I absolutely love the driftwood piece I bought from Amy. I bought it shortly after my husband and I’s one-year wedding anniversary. We had collected some driftwood on the beach {that later got ruined} and taken a photo of us that was the same colors as Amy’s painted driftwood. I couldn’t believe how perfect it was when I saw it in her shop. Now it sits in a special place where we see it every day. It’s so beautifully done, Amy’s designs and artistry are breathtaking.”

    -Janee, Massachusetts

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